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At East Texas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we offer advanced solutions for patients with severe bone loss or anatomical challenges in the upper jaw. Our skilled oral and facial surgeons specialize in the management of zygomatic implants, a sophisticated technique that provides stable and reliable support for dental restorations when traditional implant options are not feasible.

Zygomatic implants are an innovative alternative for individuals who have insufficient bone in the upper jaw to support conventional dental implants. They are anchored into the cheekbone (zygoma) rather than the jawbone, allowing for successful implant placement even in cases of significant bone loss.

ur experienced team has the expertise to perform zygomatic implant procedures with precision and optimal results. We utilize state-of-the-art imaging technology, such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), to assess the anatomy and plan the precise placement of the implants.

The procedure typically involves a thorough evaluation and planning stage to determine the optimal implant placement. During the surgery, our skilled surgeons make small incisions in the gum tissue to access the cheekbone and carefully position the zygomatic implants. Once in place, the implants integrate with the bone over time, providing a stable foundation for dental restorations such as fixed bridges or implant-supported dentures.

Zygomatic implants offer numerous benefits, including reduced treatment time, enhanced stability, and improved aesthetics. With this advanced technique, patients can achieve a restored smile and improved oral function, even in challenging cases where traditional implant options are not viable.

At East Texas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we are committed to providing individualized care and optimal outcomes for our patients. Our team will guide you through every step of the zygomatic implant process, ensuring your comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

If you have been told that traditional dental implants are not suitable for you due to bone loss or anatomical limitations, contact East Texas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to explore the possibilities offered by zygomatic implants. Our experienced surgeons are here to provide the expertise and compassionate care you deserve, helping you regain a confident and functional smile.