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At East Texas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we specialize in the management of impacted teeth, offering effective solutions to ensure optimal oral health and function. Our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons are well-versed in various techniques, including expose and bond and open exposure, to address impacted teeth and provide the necessary treatment for our patients.

Impacted teeth occur when a tooth fails to fully emerge through the gum line or remains trapped within the jawbone. The most common impacted teeth are wisdom teeth, but other teeth, such as canines or premolars, can also become impacted. If left untreated, impacted teeth can lead to a range of complications, including infection, damage to surrounding teeth, and misalignment.

Expose and bond is a technique commonly used for impacted canines or premolars. Our skilled surgeons carefully expose the impacted tooth by creating a small incision in the gum tissue. After exposure, a small bracket or orthodontic attachment is bonded to the tooth. This allows orthodontic treatment to guide the tooth into its proper position, facilitating proper alignment and function.

In cases where more direct access is required, open exposure may be recommended. Our surgeons create a larger incision to directly access the impacted tooth. The tooth is then carefully exposed and, if necessary, any obstructing bone or tissue is removed. This approach is often employed for impacted wisdom teeth or canines that require more extensive treatment.

Regardless of the technique used, our priority is to ensure patient comfort and safety throughout the procedure. We utilize advanced technology, such as digital imaging and sedation options, to enhance the precision and minimize any discomfort associated with the procedure. Our experienced team provides personalized care and clear communication to guide you through the treatment process and address any questions or concerns you may have.

If you are experiencing issues with impacted teeth, contact East Texas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery today. Our skilled surgeons will assess your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment, whether it be expose and bond or open exposure, to restore your oral health and ensure a beautiful, functional smile. Trust us to provide the expertise and compassionate care you deserve.